Predict technical, regulatory and clinical trial success  
Current methods of making decisions on drug assets are becoming antiquated, costing a lot of time, money and unnecessary risk.  The stakes are high as approval rates for drugs making it thought clinical development are less than 12%.

The IQVIA Asset Intelligence Tool uniquely leverages real-world data and provides pharmaceutical partners with AI-powered analytics to predict the potential success of an asset. These predictions provide critical insights into the drug approval process. Understanding the probability of technical and regulatory success (PTRS) for a given indication enables faster, smarter decisions and minimizes risk.  

See the IQVIA Asset Intelligence Tool in action
This application helps you work towards clinical success by providing:

  • Capabilities to support a comprehensive search of an entire clinical pipeline database — saving time and allowing for more informed decision-making to build a portfolio of products with a higher probability of success
  • Insights to optimize clinical trial design — which can impact success rates and help you plan for better future trials
  • Data to conduct competitive intelligence — reveal sponsors who already have therapies, those soon to be in the market and those likely to enter

Gain critical insights from trusted sources
Our PTRS predictions are paired with contextual information about the therapy, such as its mechanism of action, abandoned indications and prediction drivers, including historical success of drugs with a similar molecular structure, inclusion/exclusion criteria and trial geography. This allows you to glean further insights about potential products, markets and competitors.

You can use insights provided by the IQVIA Asset Intelligence Tool as input for better clinical trial design, or to identify potential products for in-licensing. We pull from a plethora of trusted data sources and apply our advanced machine learning capabilities to quickly comb through vast amounts of relevant scientific and medical information to provide your team with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Predict with confidence

Our database contains more than 1,800 variables, including the intervention, disease, patient population, chemical properties, toxicity profiles, and related publications. The predictions that generate our PTRS values are based on more than 75,000 pathways and tens of thousands of clinical trials.

Predictions are based on 
more than 80,000 clinical trials.

Put this powerful tool to work for you

This solution can be used as a standalone tool for independent research to quickly get answers about an indication or drug. Or, delve deeper by partnering with our data science experts to answer challenging business questions, such as in-depth healthcare landscape assessments, multi-indication interventions and comparisons of approved to in-development assets.

Instantly see the probability of success, competitive insights and more — leveraging IQVIA’s Asset Intelligence Tool.
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IQVIA’s Asset Intelligence Tool provides AI-insights enabling faster, informed decisions

IQVIA Asset Intelligence Tool

Predict technical, regulatory and clinical trial success of your drug pipeline

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