IQVIA Omnichannel Navigator
A platform for informing smarter marketing decisions  
With a lack of visibility into campaign performance, fragmented partner and channel insights, and promotional spend fluctuation, it can be difficult for life science marketers to make the most out of their investment.

IQVIA’s Omnichannel Navigator is a novel media optimization platform that allows you to make informed decisions about your media spend.

With IQVIA Omnichannel Navigator, your team gains access to privacy-safe data that is presented in a personalized and user-friendly interface, allowing stakeholders across multiple organizations to make quick investment pivots to ultimately maximize ROI and customer experience.

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With IQVIA Omnichannel Navigator, clients have the ability to Orchestrate, Optimize, and Personalize your marketing campaigns

Orchestrate channels, rather than keeping them siloed

Traditionally, marketers might allocate their spend across a few channels, but not across channels and/or customer stakeholders. IQVIA Omnichannel Navigator provides the opportunity to view multiple channels in one instance, allowing you to take a deeper look at digital channels, website and paid search, and Over-The-Top (OTT).

Optimize your spend with confidence 
IQVIA Omnichannel Navigator comes equipped with 

Personalize messaging while staying privacy safe
By combining a broad availability of data with our novel technology, IQVIA Omnichannel Navigator allows you to personalize your messaging and get closer to your customers than ever before, without infringing on privacy. With IQVIA’s reliable and privacy-safe data, your team can perform deep dives for pinpoint accuracy of media optimizations. This provides your customers with a best-in-class experience, building their long-term confidence in your brand, and ultimately enhancing their outcome.
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IQVIA Omnichannel Navigator
Helping pharmaceutical marketers make smarter marketing decisions. 

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