Primary Research Redefined

With more data than ever and a growing number of factors influencing therapy decision-making, integration is the key to finding better answers to your most critical research questions.

Primary Intelligence’s integrated research solutions capture all five of the interconnected cycles driving today’s complex markets.

Primary Intelligence = Primary Data-Driven: Market Equity and Attitudes, Promotion, Brand Choice at the Point-of-Care + Secondary Data-Driven: Access and Affordability, Patient Experience and Compliance

Connect cause and effect to drive new starts and increase lifetime patient value

Understand execution and effectiveness within and across these cycles to improve brand performance

Assess the competitive actions and stakeholder inputs influencing each cycle to maximize brand performance at launch and across all stages of the lifecycle

We Offer a Broad Range of Solutions to Help You Plan, Promote and Perform

  • Market Sizing & Assessment
  • Product Profile Optimization
  • Demand Assessment & Planning
  • Patient Journey
  • KOL Identification & Mapping
  • Positioning & Communications Development
  • Strategic Segmentation
  • Creative Concept & Sales Aid Testing
  • Message Development & Testing
  • Message Execution & Quality
  • Detail Execution & Quality
  • Specialty Sales Model Design
  • Channel Assessment & Optimization
  • OTC Claims Validation
  • Brand Equity Mapping
  • Precision Brand Performance
  • Integrated ATU & Brand Tracking
  • Point-of-Care & Custom Chart Audits
  • Detail & Message Effectiveness
  • Triggered POP Insights
  • Non-Personal/Digital Effectiveness
  • OTC & Medical Device HCP Promotion Effectiveness

IQVIA and Primary Intelligence

Primary Intelligence leverages the data assets, domain expertise, advanced analytics and transformative technology of the IQVIA CORE.

Primary Research Redefined - Making current research approaches better through Integration

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