Maximize your asset value across the biopharma value chain
A Swiss Biotech Insight event organized by IQVIA and the Swiss Biotech Association

September 30th, 2022,
Lucerne, Culture and Congress Center (KKL)
Demonstrating asset value is becoming more complex across therapeutic areas and impacting biotech, specialty, and larger pharma alike. Key stakeholders involved in the ultimate success of a drug, and their evidence needs, continue to evolve as the marketplace transforms from volume- to value-based performance. 
With non-COVID post-pandemic launches underperforming by nearly 20% compared to pre-pandemic levels in the major markets and a tightening of payer budgets, biotech companies need to get savvier with their asset development and commercial readiness – even if they plan not to self-commercialize their product. How can biotech stakeholders define and build an actionable plan to maximize their asset value? Is an integrated evidence generation plan a mandatory requirement? Is self-commercialization the best way to retain value? Is omnichannel sales & marketing an imperative in the post-pandemic environment?

Learn more about these key themes discussed by the expert panelists during the event by accessing to the full recording and the event summary!

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